Breanna typically has a wait list of 2-6 months for a New Client Consultation/Treatment and Long Distance Consultations.

Occasionally availability opens up prior to that, but not always.

She is currently scheduled a few months out, but will be notifying everyone on her waitlist if something opens up before then. Are you ok, with being added to the wait list knowing that Breanna may not have openings in her schedule for this length of time? *

If you selected yes to the above question, please visit Breanna's services page at the link below and review current pricing. Note, that pricing is subject to change but you will be notified of any changes, if they occur, prior to scheduling.

Once you've reviewed the pricing (preferably in another browser tab), please come back and select YES if you agree to current pricing and understand that it may change.

What are your top skin concerns? *

In a few words, describe how your skin concerns affect your life. *

I'm looking for... *

What's your first & last name? *

How did you hear about Breanna? *

Breanna is currently working on ways to help many women like you with their skin challenges without having to wait so long for a one-on-one appointment with her. (We know, waiting is no fun!)

Her goal is to be able to help as many as possible learn her top tips for correcting even the most challenging skin concerns, possibly without the need for an appointment at all.

While at-home/online educational tools and semi-custom at-home treatment plans are still in the works, would you be interested in receiving information about them if they become available before availability for an appointment with Breanna *

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. You will be notified when an opening becomes available for a new client appointment.  In the meantime, press the button below if you would like to be added to Breanna's email list to receive insights on having clearer skin, less wrinkles, and a healthy, happy, beautiful life.

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